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Different Ways to Fix Kodi Playback Failed

Kodi is one of the best applications for watching videos. This application allows you to watch TV shows, live TV, movies, music, sports programming, and what not. For this, you just have to install this application on your Android…

Pandora Not Working? Here’s the Real Fix

Pandora has become an exceptionally popular tool among music lovers across the globe these days. Well, it can be annoying if you find that Pandora not working when you most need it. If you are troubled by such issue, this article comprises…

[SOLVED] Cannot Open Volume for Direct Access

In general, the "cannot open volume for direct access" error pops up upon scheduling CHKDSK utility. As you may already know, CHKDSK utility is used to repair the corrupted disks. One of the biggest concerns you may have after noticing…

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