November 14, 2015

The ways to clean your mobile phone

This article introduces how to clean your mobile phone, such as touch screen, touch screen, screen protector, screen scratches and so on.
September 23, 2014

5 Tips for You Before Updating iPhone/iPad/iPod to iOS 10

The most anticipated iOS 8 has come to us! I believe that thousands of people are now trying to update it or have done it already when it was released days ago. People are trying to update their iPhone, iPad or iPod to the latest iOS 8 because they want to get the newest features of the operating system. For example, they are able to send short messages, answer phone calls and check photos on whatever the device they want. The process of updating to iOS is very easy. All you need to do is to hit the button Install now on your device or the button Update on iTunes. In order to finish the iOS 8 updating process successfully, we will show you 5 tips in the following article. Or you may fail the process.
December 14, 2013

Safe Solution to Permanently Delete Files on iPod Touch 6/5/4

Just got your new iPad Air, you may want to sell your old iPod touch 6/5/4 since it is useless. Better sell it than keep it. Right? But before you sell it, the priority is to clean up your iPod touch, where you have saved so many personal files. You may say just formatting your iPod touch will do. In fact, there are still ways to get them back by any third-party data recovery tool. Hence, to erase all data on your iPod touch drastically, you need to turn to a powerful iPod Touch data eraser. We here strongly recommend the iMyfone Umate, which is specially designed to remove all data on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad permanently. After it, even Steven Jobs came back to life cannot get the deleted files back. Feel interested in it? Then check the step-by-step tutorial about how to securely wipe data on iPod Touch 4/5/6 below.