March 27, 2017
Put Music on Samsung Galaxy S8

iTunes to Samsung S8 | How to Put Music on Samsung Galaxy S8

Are wondering how to put music on Samsung Galaxy S8 without any hassle? Read on to know how easy it is to transfer music to your device. Listening to mind-blowing or relaxing music is an all-time favorite pastime for many. Research indicates that music can improve positive thinking, selfheal, reduce stress and keeps you healthy overall. The advent of smartphones has made it easier to listen to music on the move. You need just to plug in the earphone and listen to the lilting tunes.
December 11, 2016

Backup and Restore RedMi and XiaoMi 3/4/5/Note/Mix Phone on MIUI

If you have a Xiaomi 5/4/3 phone, you can use this article to learn taking its backup. There are various ways you can backup and restore Mi Phone with MIUI 8/7/6, but it essentially depends on the kind of data you want to backup or the kind of user experience you want while backing up. Although this Chinese brand of Smartphone is equipped with an extensive app for backup on its phones, taking backup of Xiaomi or Redmi phones is not quite different. This article guides you all through the process of Backup and restore XiaoMi Phone for your apps, personal data, or phone settings.
December 11, 2016

How to Easily Transfer & Import Music from PC to Google Pixel XL

If you have bought a new Google phone, you may wish to copy music from your PC to your new device in order to listen to your favorite songs whenever you are not at home with your PC.
December 5, 2016

App Backup and Restore | Backup & Restore Android Apps with Data

Whether you use your Android device to play a lot of games or track your productivity; regardless of what you use it for, we can all agree that losing your Android app data isn't pleasant. If you don't have backups stored somewhere then you have to start everything from scratch. Not only is that time-consuming, but it's simply not a fun task to do. With that, in this article we are going to be focussing in on how you can backup Android app with data and the importance of backing up. So, let's jump right in.
November 22, 2016

Huawei File Manager | How to Transfer Music from Computer to Huawei Mate 9

Even though Android is in constant competition with one of its major competitors, the iOS platform, they have yet to release a standard piece of software which can be used with Android devices. Because of this, a lot of Android users struggle to transfer music from computer to Huawei Mate 9. Fortunately, though, we have some methods that will get the job done for you.
March 10, 2016

How to Sync Outlook Contacts with Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

And we all know recently two new digital products are coming into the market, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and his brother Galaxy S7 Edge which are so powerful and advanced smartphone ever in the current world. As a business man, surely you would like to get one of these two phones to effectively deal with your busy works and also show your high taste of life. But most of our information and business data are in our Outlook account, if we can sync outlook data with our Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge that must be fantastic. Hence, we can also deal with our schedules, contacts, emails on our phone freely at any time anywhere.