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Can iPhone be Hacked? If Yes, What Actions You Must Take?


Questions such as “Can iPhone be hacked?” and “Are iPhones 100% safe from hackers?” are pretty common among iPhone users. As of today, people use iPhones to store pretty much all personal and sensitive information. Depending on the user, this information can range from their personal photos and video clips to online banking credentials. Upon a security breach, all this sensitive information can get into the hands of a third-party. However, in general, many people accept that iPhones are safer than other smartphones. The iPhones come with strict security features to prevent their users from being hacked. However, we cannot underestimate the smartness of the hackers out there. Well, considering all those facts, Can iPhone be hacked? The purpose of this article is to find a solid answer to this question.

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Part 1. Can iPhone be hacked or not?

If you are looking for a straightforward answer, yes, iPhones can be hacked. Although it is a pretty disturbing fact, your iPhones can be hacked despite Apple’s strict safety features. Although some of the people don’t accept this fact, every digital device is vulnerable to threats more or less.

The obvious next question after the above disturbing reveal is, “Can iPhone be hacked by anyone?”. The answer to this question might surprise most of the iOS users – “anyone can hack an iPhone”. If the answer is not scary enough, let us emphasize that it is incredibly easier to hack iPhones. As long as you have the right kind of app, even you can hack an iPhone.

In order to accomplish this hacking job successfully, you need the right kind of tool. If you have the right kind of software application, you can hack the iPhone. Interestingly, there are several apps on the market to help you accomplish this. One of the best tools you can find is Spyzie. This is a really powerful tool that can help you hack an iPhone. Moreover, you can use Spyzie to hack Android phones as well. With the help of this powerful software tool, you can hack an iPhone with less effort.

As we mentioned earlier, iPhones are generally safe compared to the Android devices in the market. The iOS devices usually don’t accept apps from third parties. Unless you download it from the Apple store, you cannot install other apps on iPhones. However, if you are tricky enough, you can find a way to install a third party app on an iPhone. For instance, you can install any app on a jailbroken iPhone. Even the Spyzie app can be installed on your iPhone, at the completion of the installation of Spyzie, spying on an iOS device is really simple. With Spyzie, you can Hack Facebook without Surveyhack Facebook IDhack Line password,  Hack Whatsapp and hack Snapchat on iPhone easily. So, in a nutshell, iPhones are vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Can iPhone be Hacked via Spyzie

Spyzie for iOS Devices Try Spyzie

Part 2. Is your iPhone already hacked?

What we revealed above is pretty scary, isn’t it? As an iPhone user, you must be now worried about the safety of your device. You will now start to think that if someone has already hacked into your iPhone. We know that the answer you got to the question “Can iPhone be hacked?” is somewhat disturbing. You must know that most of these apps run in the background without leaving any trace. Therefore, even an expert user might find it difficult to check if such an app is already installed. The sole purpose of a good spy app is to work discreetly, after all. Nevertheless, the presence of one or more reasons mentioned below can be a sign of a hacked iPhone.

Your phone is jailbroken

As we mentioned, jailbroken iPhones accept third-party apps too. If your phone is already jailbroken by yourself, there is a chance for a third-party app to get installed. However, if your phone is jailbroken by someone else without your knowledge, things are even scarier.

You receive suspicious texts

If you use an iPhone and receive suspicious text messages, that can be an attempt to hack your iPhone. Such text usually comes with links. As soon as you click on such link, malware can get installed on your iOS device.

Your phone shows unusual behavior

Most of the hackers observe the activities of your smartphone without causing any strange behavior. However, some hackers can perform various tasks remotely due to various purposes. For instance, some hackers can send text and calls from your device without your knowledge.

You hear a ticking sound on your phone

If you notice any ticking sound when you are on a call, you should take it seriously. Such sound can be a sign of a tapped call.

Drained battery

If your phone’s battery runs out quicker than usual, you should find out the reason for it. If the battery runs out rapidly even when no actions are performed, there can be a spy app. Usually, spy apps run in the background of the phone and consume battery power. Such an app sends and receives information from your device and consumes a lot of battery.

If you notice one or more signs as mentioned earlier with your iPhone, that can be a clue of a hacker attack. What can you do to prevent your iPhone from hackers?

Part 3. Steps you should take to avoid hacking threats

You know the precise answer to the question “Can iPhone be hacked”. Apart from that, you also know how to determine a hacked iPhone. Now you should know how to stay away from potential hacking threats. It is always better to prevent potential threats other than trying to cure it later on. Here’s exactly what you must do in order to prevent hacking.

01. Update your iOS frequently

It is always better to keep your iOS version updated to the latest version. These newer iOS versions come with stronger security features that can stand against malware. In addition to that, such update helps you to recover from a jailbreak. In other words, an iOS update removed jailbreaks and get your iPhone into the original, secured mode. After an iOS upgrade, the potential connections with external sources might be broken.

upgrade ios

02. Never jailbreak your iPhone

As long as your iPhone remains in its original mode, the chances of hacking are minimal. However, if you jailbreak your iPhone, it becomes vulnerable to many threats. Anyone can install third-party spy apps on your iPhone if it is a jailbroken one. Therefore, it is always better to stay away from such risky approach.

03. Use a strong password

We notice that a considerable number of iPhone users use really simple passwords. Surprisingly, some of them use easy-to-guess passcodes that consist of digits. As a wise iPhone user, you should avoid this and use a really strong password. It is much better to use a passphrase that comprises of letters and digits. If by any chance, someone steals your phone, your password must be able to provide sufficient protection.

04. Minimize the use of Siri (keep it disabled)

Although it is a convenient feature, Siri is a relatively easier gateway for a hacker to access your iPhone. So, you should keep it disabled for your own safety. You can do it easily by going into Settings, Touch ID and Passcode. An iPhone with a disabled Siri doesn’t allow others to steal your information.

iphone be hacked via siri
Other than that, it is always important to keep your phone with you all the time. Don’t leave your phone unattended. Also, it is better to avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. Hackers use public Wi-Fi networks to gather key information on connected devices. So, stay away from Wi-Fi connections available in coffee shops, malls, airports, restaurants, etc. Last but not least, you must be really careful when opening links appear in text messages you receive.

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