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How to Transfer Files from BlackBerry to HTC Device (HTC U11 Included)

When get the brand new HTC phone, you will need to transfer important files such as contacts, videos, photos and music from your BlackBerry to the new HTC phone. However, during the process you do the data transfer, you may encounter many problems and issues that will turn you down. If you are not expert and do the transfer for the first time, you are strongly recommended to read the article thoroughly so that you can complete the transfer without any problems.

Here are some typical problems you may experience during data transfer from BlackBerry to HTC phone:

  • The program has complex options and is so difficult to transfer files;
  • You have to wait for a long time for the process of files since the downloading is too time-consuming;
  • The process is too complex and has many unnecessary features that make it chaos;
  • You even cannot find a method to transfer files between your two phones.

When you encountered the problems above, it indicates that you need a professional BlackBerry to HTC phone data transfer tool for help, especially you are primary users to transfer files. Before you start to transfer files, you’d better backup these files of your Blackberry to avoid losing them once there are some accidents during the transfer process.

Method to Backup Blackberry Files Easily

Please don’t worry that you have to backup Blackberry files since the process is quite easy to complete. To start with, you need to download and install the Blackberry Desktop Software on your computer and launch it to continue.

Step 1: Firstly, after you launch the Blackberry Desktop program, please connect your Blackberry phone to computer via a USB cable.
Step 2: After connecting your device to computer, the program will start to detect your device immediately and display it in the starting window of the program. You can see 4 options in the main window: Application Loader, Backup and Restore, Media and Synchronize respectively.

Step 3: Now, please click on the option “Backup and Restore” to bring up the new window that shows you Backup and Restore respectively. Please select Backup feature here.

Step 4: You can then bring up the folders that saved your Blackberry files and select the ones you want to backup. Then just click on the Yes button in the bottom to continue. The program will backup them for you automatically.

Note: During the process of backup, you should keep connecting your Blackberry phone to computer stably during the whole process until the completion of the process. After the task, you have stored a copy of all Blackberry files you selected and don’t need to worry about data loss anymore.

How to Transfer BlackBerry Backup Files to HTC with MobileTrans

After backup all the important Blackberry files to your computer, you can start to transfer files to your HTC phone without worrying about data loss. Here you are suggested to try the ever-best tool Wondershare MobileTrans, especially if you are the primary users.

The program is specially developed for smartphone users to manage all files with ease. With help of the program, you can easily transfer files from your computer to HTC phone in just one click! In addition, you can handle the program well even you are the primary user without any experience and technology! If you don’t want to waste a lot of time to transfer files, Wondershare MobileTrans is your best choice.

In the following passages, you can learn how to transfer your Blackberry files that are backed up from computer to your HTC phone step by step.

Step 1: To start with, you need to download the program Wondershare MobileTrans and install it on your computer by following the wizard. Then please launch it to bring up the new window with options “Phone to Phone Transfer” and “Restore from Backup”. Please connect your HTC phone to computer via a USB cable. The program will start to detect your device and display it in the main window. You can check detailed information on your HTC phone here.

Download MobileTrans

Step 2: Please click on “Restore from Backup” in the window and click on “BlackBerry” in the new window.
MobileTrans for Windows

Step 3: In the content window, you can click on the types in the left column and select the ones you want to import to your HTC phone. Then please turn to the left bottom corner and click on Restore. The program will start to import the selected files to your HTC phone automatically. You can check the process in the starting window.

restore contacts to HTC Device from blackberry

Note: As you did to backup files, you should keep connecting your HTC phone to the computer during the whole process of restoring. After the complete process, you can check Blackberry files in your HTC hone directly.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully transferred Blackberry files to your new HTC phone, don’t you think it very easy handling? Since the program can transfer files for you in the bundle, your time is saved largely.

Files Most Commonly Transferred from Blackberry to HTC Phone

Although you have saved huge numbers of files on your Blackberry phone, not all them are the ones you want to continue use with your HTC device. Of course, the files you want to transfer all depends on your demand and importance of the files, here is just show you the kinds of data that are transferred more than others. Here is to show you the list of files that are transferred by most people.

1. Photos

As the most important part of all your files, photos are always used by most users to record their daily life and hence to be quite important and precious. No matter whether you are traveling or in your daily life, or you just find a very impressive moment, you can record them with your Blackberry device even without professional cameras. In case that you want to share them with your friends even you switch to a new phone or just want to set them as your wallpaper, you need to save them to your new phone. Due to the importance of photo, it becomes the most commonly used and transferred file by all users. It may also be a good idea to have more than one copy of your photos folder in case you lose them.

2. Music

Ranked as the secondly commonly transferred files, music is quite important to our life. In the past, we enjoyed music with a professional music player, while now, we can play our favorite music with the smart device to make the process convenient. If you are a music lover and always enjoy music after work, I guess that you must have saved many music files on your Blackberry phone and spend a lot of time to create playlists. If so, you just want to keep the music files and playlists even you switch to a new phone. With help of the professional tool introduced above, it is an easy thing to transfer music and playlists. In addition, you may want to have more than one copy of your Music files to avoid losing all the music you have.

3. Contacts

Among all Blackberry files, contact is the most necessary and important file in our life. Indeed, no matter when you want to contacts with your friends and make a call, you will need to find the contact number of your friends. Thus, even you switch to use a new phone, such as the HTC phone, you will want to keep these contacts as well. However, many people just don’t know how to transfer contacts from old phone to new one. With help of the introduced tool, you just need to select contacts and the program will transfer them for you automatically. In the past, you need to type the contacts one by one manually, while at present; the technology can save your time largely.

4. Messages

In addition to the photo, message is another important thing that may record your time. Since the messages always contain much information that you communicated with your friends or families, you must want to keep them since they are so precious. If you just need the messages, you can turn to the tool for help since it can transfer messages for you with ease. It is not a very common data transfer although it is not uncommon to find people transferring their messages.

Since all your important information are classified into different categories such as videos, photos, music, contacts, messages, you must want to transfer them at one time so that your time can be saved largely. Luckily, now with the professional Wondershare MobileTrans, your wish can become true. You can transfer whatever you want from Blackberry to HTC.

In addition to transferring files between different platforms, the Wondershare MobileTrans can also do many other things for you. To find more, just search our site or download free trial version of the tool now!

Download MobileTrans

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