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Out of some reasons, like selling it to others or giving it to one family member, you may want to permanently delete all personal files on your iPad, such as iPad 4/3/2/1, or iPad Mini 3/2/1, iPad Air 2/1. Kuten ehkä tiedätte, the deleted files can be recovered by loads of data recovery tools. To complete a permanent deletion, you have to turn to a professional third-party iPad data eraser. I happen to know a very powerful iPad Air/ iPad Mini data eraser that can definitely meet your need. Se on iMyfone Animate Pro, which can help you to remove all contents on your iPad. Lisäksi, the removed contents won’t be recovered by any iMyfone D-Back iPad data recovery tool, with which all that users can retrieve are junk files created by iMyfone Umate Pro. Sounds quite cool, oikea? Then let’s waste no time to check this data eraser out. Within three simple steps, you will figure it out.

Aluksi, please click the green Download button to download this wonderful tool on your computer first.

Lataa iMyfone Umate Pro for Windows Lataa iMyfone Umate Pro Mac

vaihe 1: Select an option to delete data on your iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad Mini

lataamisen jälkeen, install and launch this data eraser on your computer. Then plug in your iPad with the computer via USB cable. Two options are open to users to delete data on iPad: “Erase all data on device” ja “Erase deleted data“. We here want to remove all data, so let’s click on the first one and move forward to the next step. If you want to clean up the deleted data, you can choose the second one.

iMyfone Animate Pro - Eraser Kaikki data
iMyfone Animate Pro - Pyyhkiä poistetut tiedostot

vaihe 2: Choose a data security level

Before you perform the data deletion, you are supposed to select a security level of data deletion on your iPad or iPad Air, iPad Mini. Three levels are available for you to choose: Korkea, keskikokoinen ja Matala. If you have no idea what to choose, you can select the default one — keskikokoinen, which satisfies virtually all situations of data deletion on iPad. Tietysti, you can choose High or Low level, if you insist. Sen jälkeen, click Start to initiate the data deletion on your iPad.

vaihe 3: Time to thoroughly delete all files on iPad/iPad Air/iPad Mini

Tiedonsiirron aikana poistoprosessi, please make sure that your iPad is always connected with the computer. From the main window, you can see how much time the process will cost. Muutaman minuutin kuluttua, the process will be completed. Hyvin tehty!

nähdä, now your iPad is just the same as you got it out from the box for the first time since you cannot find any information about you on it. All you can find are those junk files filled by the data eraser tool, which means you have successfully wiped out your data on the iPad or iPad Air, iPad Mini forever. Se on todella mahtava, oikea?

Täten, don’t hesitate to download such an amazing iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad Mini data eraser tool. The iMyfone Animate Pro is worth your trust.

Lataa iMyfone Umate Pro for Windows Lataa iMyfone Umate Pro Mac

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