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Miten varmuuskopiointi Whatsapp Viestit iPhonessa 8 & iPhone X


iPhone 8 ja iPhone X laitteet ovat uusimmat ja ajan tasalla malleja, äskettäin julkaissut Apple. Nämä laitteet ovat herättäneet laajaa asiakaskuntaa kaikissa ikäryhmissä ympäri maailmaa, owing to their out of their well-run technology and fresh features, kuten uusi lisätyn todellisuuden, Super verkkokalvon näyttö, all screen display and many more. Due to the growing popularity of these devices, we are thus catering to the wider customer base, and looking to solve their personal dilemma and queries, regarding the use of these devices. If you are one of the few who has any one of these devices in hand, then you must obviously have a lot of questions, associated with the device technology and functionalities. We have thus provided the finest methods and programs to varmuuskopiointi Whatsapp viestejä iPhonessa 8 & iPhone X.

Your WhatsApp messages are of course very valuable to you. These messages can contain very important and crucial data or carry conversations, which you would want to preserve for later viewing and use. On taking up a brand new device, kuten iPhone 8 tai iPhone X, most users come to a blank. We are here to assure you that you can indeed make such transfers, without a back up on your entire iPhone device. You can store them on a personal local storage of your choice, without the need for iCloud or iTunes, using our given methods and processes. Lisäksi, we have mentioned and described a good program to help you backup Whatsapp messages on iPhone 8 & iPhone X, yhtä hyvin kuin How to Backup Messages on iPhone X & iPhone 8. Lue tietää enemmän.

Third party tool for selectively backup WhatsApp Message on iPhone 8 ja iPhone X

Most iPhone users overlook the back up of their WhatsApp data on iCloud or iTunes before needing to make such device to device transfers. Siinä tapauksessa, we are presenting to you an easy and most remarkable answer, in the form of iMyFone D-Port Pro software. This is to be employed for any of backup and restoring on iPhone.

Voit helposti varmuuskopiointi Whatsapp viestejä iPhonessa 8 & iPhone X, using this efficient tool, irrelevant of whether you have backed up your data. We have also enumerated some of its key features for your handiness:

iMyFone D-Port Pro Avainominaisuudet:

  • The program is compatible with both iOS 12 ja Mac.
  • The iMyFone D-Port Pro software is extremely user-friendly, and you will be able to make a number of backup folders without having to overwrite the earlier backup files.
  • Tämän ohjelman kautta, you can choose to selectively restore a part of your data from any one of your back up folders made via iTunes, iCloud, or iMyFone D-Port to the device without overwriting the additional data files on the device.
  • With its implementation, you can extract over 20 and other further kinds of data files from the backup files made via iMyFone D-Port Pro, iTunes, or iCloud as well.
  • Kun iMyFone D-Port Pro -ohjelmisto, you can backup Whatsapp messages on iPhone 8 & iPhone X, as well as export any data files from the iPhone 8 tai iPhone X laitteiden.

Lataa iMyfone iTransor

Osa 1: How to backup Whatsapp messages on iPhone 8 & iPhone X

There are simple ways to make such backup folders, and we are about to show some easy ways to you in the following segments. To initiate, make certain to download and set up the iMyFone D-Port Pro software on your PC and connect the selected iPhone X or iPhone 8 device to the system.

vaihe 1: You can start by launching the program on your PC and tapping on the ‘Back Up & Vienti Device’ nappi. Täältä, choose tour preferred data type, such as the Whatsapp data that you want to backup by tapping on the ‘Backup WhatsApp’ nappi.

vaihe 2: Tässä vaiheessa, click on the ‘Backup’ nappi, so as to initiate the process of back up on the system.

vaihe 3: Make sure that the device remains plugged to the system until the entire process has been completed. Once the backup is made successfully, you will receive a new notification, informing you about the successful back up of the iPhone X or iPhone 8 laitteet.

Osa 2: How to selectively restore Whatsapp messages to iPhone 8 tai iPhone X

From the above segment, you have already learned how to backup Whatsapp messages on iPhone 8 & iPhone X. Tässä segmentissä, Olemme lisäksi osoittaneet, miten palauttaa varmuuskopiokansioon takaisin iPhoneen X tai iPhone 8. Nyt kun olet nähnyt tehokkuutta iMyFone D-portti Pro -ohjelmisto varmuuskopiointiin tiedostoille, voit hyödyntää ohjelmistoa palauttamisessa mieleisesi WhatsAppin viestin tiedostoja iCloud tai iTunes varmuuskopiointia. Tämän lisäksi, on hyvä varmasti, että ylimääräisestä tiedostoja puhelimessa ei saa vaikuttaa tai kadonnut mitenkään.

Tässä askel askeleelta opetusohjelma, we can show you how to restore only your WhatsApp message data files, from a previous back up location to your new iPhone X or iPhone 8.

vaihe 1: You can start BY launching the iMyFone D-Port Pro software on your PC and make certain that the iPhone X or iPhone 8 devices are linked securely to the PC. Then click on the ‘Restore Backup to Devicebutton on the tab, and soon a backup file chart will show on your screen. You must choose the desired back up file and tap on the ‘Next’ nappi. Täältä, click on the ‘Restore Partial Backup’ ikoni, since we are aiming to restore your WhatsApp data files only.

vaihe 2: Now you are required to select the preferred data types that you want restoring on your device. Choose the ‘WhatsAppicon and tap on the ‘Nexticon to start the scan of your back up file.

vaihe 3: Then the program allows you the flexibility of previewing the WhatsApp message data, for you to check.

vihdoin, kosketa ’Palauta’ icon to initiate the restoration of the WhatsApp message data to the iPhone X or iPhone 8 laitteet.

Osa 3: Viewing your WhatsApp message data in back up files

This is an unusual method. This is due to the existing norm that users are not allowed to view their back up data from their back up files until he or she has made an entire restoration to a preferred device. kuitenkin, restoring will result in overwriting of the existent data on the device. This can be tackled through iMyFone D-Port Pro, which can let you see your data from the backup location, which can be in the iTunes, iMyFone, or iCloud backup.

vaihe 1: You can start by opening iMyFone D-Port Pro on the PC and tap on ‘Extract Data from Backup’. A series of back up files along with details will be shown, which was made via iCloud or iTunes, or iMyFone D-Port Pro back up. You must select an option which you want to transport and hit on ‘Next’.

vaihe 2: This will initiate the scanning of chosen backup files, and you can view your files upon completion on the program interface. You must choose the items that you want to see on the PC and tap on ‘Extractto start exporting the files to your PC.

vaihe 3: Hetken päästä, your files will get extracted effectively and will be available for viewing on the PC.

lopuksi, the iMyFone D-Port Pro program is a pretty effective tool to be used for any device to device tasks. It is also compatible with iOS 11. Through the above steps, you can successfully learn how to easily backup Whatsapp messages on iPhone 8 & iPhone X.

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