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LG G2 Backup: How to Backup LG G2 Data to Computer or Other Phone


My LG G2 had recently survived from being messed up by my nephew. Lucky for me that he didn’t tear my phone into pieces. But it doesn’t work very well since then. I asked the people in the store, they said I had to reset my phone to make it work normal again. Well, it is very release for me to hear that, but now I need to backup my data on my LG G2 to my computer so I can restore them later.

Unlike iPhone, you can use iTunes to backup data. As a new user for Android phone like LG G2, I really want to know if there is any tool like iTunes to backup all my LG G2 data.

And I don’t trust some recommendation from some search engine because they might say the software is good for the company paid them to say so. So, when I search the Internet, and found the software named MobileGo for Android, I was not totally convinced by its high reputation. Then I thought it won’t hurt if I tried the software. To my surprise, this software definitely worth all the good comments given by its users. Anyway, I don’t want to be like one of the advertising man for this software, I will tell you two more methods to backup LG G2 data, you can compare them by yourself before you draw any conclusion.

So, this article will be three parts. Each part is about one method to backup LG G2 phone data. Please keep reading.

Part 1. Use MobileGo for Android to backup your LG G2

You should know MobileGo for Android’s function before using it to backup phone. This software not only can help you manage LG G2 data on computer, but also capable of backing up all music, contacts, SMS, playlist, photos, calendars, videos, call logs, and apps on your LG G2 to the connected computer. Basically you can do everything you need to backup and restore your LG G2 on computer through this software. Why not download and try this software right now!

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)

Two Steps to Backup LG G2

Step 1. Connect LG G2 to the computer while launchs MobileGo

You can choose to use USB cable or Wi-Fi to connect your LG G2 to the computer. If you want to through Wi-Fi, you should download the MobileGo apk on your phone too. After the connection is complete, your phone will be defaulted by the software. But soon you can see LG G2 display on the interface of the software.

MobileGo for LG

Step 2. Backup your LG G2

On the left side of the interface, you can click and check the contents on your LG G2 phone, like apps, music, videos, photos and other data right on your phone.

Then you can click One-Click Backup in order to get a new window for you to check the backup details. After deciding where you would like to save the backup files on your phone. Just click “Back up” to let the progress ongoing.

Backup LG G2 Data
To restore the data back to your new phone (if needed) by MobileGo, please follow these steps as Tookit > Restore. It won’t take long to finish the whole thing.

LG G2,G3,G4,G5 Data Backup by MobileGo Video Tutorial

Part 2. Backup LG G2 to other devices like phone or tablet by dr.fone Switch

Computer is not the only choice to backup data. If your other phone or tablet has enough space, they can be a good place to save your LG G2 data. This time, you should try another software from Wondershare.

dr.fone – Switch is specially designed for LG G2 data transferring. Data can be transferred between different devices. Not only for Android devices, you can also use it on your iDevice or Symbian system. Unlike some other data transfer software, this one won’t cost long time or brings its users any troubles because of program errors. Just download and use it you will find out why I keep prising this software.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Step 1. Connect both your LG G2 and other phones to computer

This time you will need two USB cables, because except your LG G2, there is another phone or tablet you should connect to the computer at the sometime. The software will detect both your devices and display them side by side on its primary window.

This time, your LG G2 will be the source device while other is the destination device. Between them, the list contents show you information about the data on your LG G2 which you can mark those data you would like to transfer from LG G2 to other devices before clicking the Start Transfer button.

There is more information you need to know.

  • From LG G2 to other Android devices: Support contacts, calendar, apps, music, photos, videos, call logs and messages transfer.
  • From LG G2 to other idevices: Support music, contacts, calendar, photos, and videos transfer
  • From LG G2 to Symbian device: Support contacts transfer

Note: Pay attention to the option of “Clear data before copy”, if you want to keep the data on your destination device, please remember to unmark this option before clicking “Start Transfer”.

Step 2. Transfer data from LG G2 to other devices

After deciding which data you need to transfer to other devices, all left you to do is clicking the “Start Transfer” button. Check the progress bars and click “OK”.

But don’t break the connection during the transferring. Other,wise there might be errors occur.

Backup LG G2/G3/G4 Data to New Phone by dr.fone Switch Video Tutorial

Part 3. Backup LG G2 through Google account

This method is free and do not need to use any software. You will finish everything on your LG G2. Which in some way makes this method very easy to handle for people.

What you need to do to backup your LG G2 are as follows.

Tap Settings > Accounts > Backup and Reset. So that you can choose the option of Backup my data. After that, your data, Wi-Fi passwords and settings will backup to your Google servers.

Of course, you need to log into your Google account on your LG G2.

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