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Easy Way to Backup Android Tablet to Computer


The tablet is one kind of high-end digital device, and everybody wants to have one for entertainment, work, or other use. Once you get one tablet, you must store lots of your information, apps and data inside. However, there are always accidents happens around us, maybe you unintentionally delete some very vital data on your tablet, or your tablet gets something wrong with it, or your tablet is damaged, or the worst thing that your tablet is lost. In case of such kind of bad things happening, to back up the data of your Android tablet is very important. If you do so, it will be very easy to restore the data on your Android tablet. Today I am going to tell you two ways to backup Android tablet data, one is to backup Android tablet on Internet, the other one is to backup Android tablet to computer.

The First Way: Backup Your Android Tablet on Internet by Google Account

Tablet is not a low price digital product because of the high technology it has and the convenience for bringing by side compared with the computer or laptop. The purposes people buy a tablet is numerously different. But the common thing among the tablet users is that they will use this device to deal with lots of stuffs and save a lot of personal data or information inside. Losing the device or the data side is a horrible thing for all of us. So to have a backup file is necessary.

Except creating a backup file on our computer, we also have other easy way to back up our tablet, to back up it on the Internet. As the Android operating system was developed by Google Company, we can use the Google account to back up our tablet data on the Internet. And the process to back up our Android tablet data on Internet by this way is quite easy and straightforward.

And you should know there are numbers of benefits of having an Android tablet backup file, such as when you lost your vital contacts of your clients, you can easily get them back; when you lost your important documents, you can get them back. All the above benefits is based on you have created the backup for your Android tablet.

What this part say is to tell you that you can use the Google account to back up your Android tablet data on the Internet and it’s easy for you to get them back if you don’t have a computer by your side and the benefits if you have a backup file for your Android tablet.

The Second Way: Backup Your Android Tablet on Computer by MobileGo Software

As mentioned before, we also have a way to back up our Android tablet data on the computer. And it’s also the traditional way people are used to do. However, if you want to back up your data on your computer, you need to have a useful tool to do it. Among the backup tools on the market, most of them are flawed. Here I introduce you the Wondershare MobileGo software which is really the best software for your Android tablet that you can use it to back up your Android tablet data very quickly and easily for only touching one button on the screen interface. How awesome!

Wondershare MobileGo – Easily Make Your Mobile Life in Oder.


  • Download, manage, import & export your Android data including music, photos and videos.
  • Back up and recover your data between Android devices.
  • Manager your Android data in order on your computer.
  • Send messages and play phone games on your PC.
  • Optimize your Android devices with fast operation speed and clean environment.

After a simple introduction of this software, let start by the following steps to use the MobileGo to back up your Android tablet on computer:

Step 1: Download the Wondershare MobileGo software and install it on your computer, then launch the application.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)Download MobileGo (Mac Version)

Step 2: Connect your Android tablet with the computer by using a matched USB cable or the Wi-Fi function it provides. Then you can see the Home Screen on the program interface and the “One-Click Backup” option among the offered options on the right side.

backup android tablet to Computer
Step 3: Click on the “One-Click Backup” option, then a window will pop up which shows all the data from your Android tablet. Select the data you want to back up, then click on the “Back Up” button.

Step 4: Decide the destination location for your backup file. By default, the location is always set as C:\Users\{User Name}\My Documents\Wondershare\MobileGo\Backup. If you want to change to another destination location, click on the “Browse” button to set another location.

Android Tablet to Computer
Step 5: Once the location is set up. Click on the “Back Up” button and wait for the backup file creating on your PC. Do remember to prevent the disconnection between your tablet and the computer to in case of the corruption of the backup process.

Backup conents from Android Tablet to PC
Once you get your tablet, make sure that you how important it is in your daily life. For a businessman, the safety of your data which kept on your tablet is vital. Once the tablet is lost, all the business secrets, meeting information, working schedule will lose together which may bring you a big disaster. This is the reason why you should do a backup for your Android tablet on the Internet or to your computer.

The two ways I showed you above can help you reach this goal. But I suggest you that if you want to back up just some small files or documents such as contacts, emails, you can just back up them on the Internet by your Google account. But if you want to back up some big files such as videos, music, pictures, to back up them on your computer is wise.

Now, you have your backup of Android tablet on your Google account or on your computer. You don’t need to be afraid of losing data anymore. But the important thing should be repeated three times: Do remember to backup Android tablet to the computer! Do remember to backup Samsung tablet to the computer! Do remember to backup Google Nexus tablet to the computer!

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)Download MobileGo (Mac Version)

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