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Een back-up Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SMS-berichten


Er zijn zo veel nieuwe smartphones uitgebracht in september. Welke heb je liever? U kunt geïnteresseerd in Samsung Galaxy Note 4, waarbij een 5,7-inch scherm en 3 GB RAM, the powerful camera and 64-bit processor also empower the new Samsung flagship to shoot the 4k video for you.

OK, although the smart phone is becoming more and more powerful nowadays, some basic functionalities are not changed much. Such as the SMS text messages, even if you purchase the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4, SMS is also something very important for you. And the loss of your text messages, is still a big disaster for you.

So you have better take some measures to protect your SMS text messages on your Samsung Note 4. Backing up them in time should be a not bad choice for you. And in case the data loss happens, you can use the backup file to get them back.

Since some types of files such as SMS on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is difficult to manage, is there any good idea to back up your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SMS without barriers? Why not let a capable Android SMS backup program help you?

An easy way to back up the SMS on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Now let me teach you how to back up the SMS on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Follow the below steps and you will make it without any effort.

Download MobileGo (Windows-versie)Download MobileGo (Mac-versie)

Stap 1: Download and install the Android SMS backup tool on your computer.

Search for and download MobileGo voor Android naar jouw computer. You can find it is designed for the SMS transfer between Android device and computer.

NOTITIE: MobileGo for Android can only work on Windows system. Voor Mac-gebruikers, you may need to download MobileGo voor Android Pro , which is just the same as the Android version.

Stap 2: Run MobileGo voor Android op de computer

After the installation of MobileGo for Android, you can try to launch it on your computer. Its interface is really beautiful and friendly so that everyone can handle it easily.

MobileGo for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Stap 3: Sluit uw Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the computer and then backup the SMS text messages

Now connect you Galaxy Note 4 and it will be detected quickly by MobileGo for Android. Then go into SMS window by clicking “sms” in linkersidebar. Over here you can manage your SMS text messages on Samsung Note 4 very easily.

export Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sms
To make a backup for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, just select all the SMS you want and clickImport / Export” knop. En klik vervolgens op “Export Selected SMS to Computerand all SMS you’ve selected will be transferred to the computer as tekst of XML file depending on you. Daarna, you can open the file and read your SMS on computer. And once something terrible happens, je kan ook import them into your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to restore all lost SMS nog een keer.

Download MobileGo (Windows-versie)Download MobileGo (Mac-versie)

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