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Back Up & Restore Your HTC One Remix with HTC Sync Manager


We always fear to lose our phone data when we need to reset our HTC phone back to the origin model or change your old HTC phone to a new HTC One Remix (HTC One Mini 2). If we want our HTC phones are exactly the same with our old one, we may need to spend a lot of time to reset our new HTC phone and personalizing it. That is frustrated and bring. Here we recommend you a convenient method: backup your HTC phone data. What’s more, this can prevent you from data losing because of the technical fault or mishandling. The content that you can back up included:

  • Text Messages
  • Contacts,
  • Wallpaper,
  • Calendar Events,
  • Web Bookmarks,
  • Personalized Photo
  • Camera Photos,
  • Videos,
  • Office Documents,
  • Music

Those are the content that you can back up and store in your PC by using HTC Sync Manager. That is much more convenient and saves a lot of time for you to enjoy your own life. With those content are all backed up, you can reorganize & manage them as you wish. And you can be totally free of the worry of any data loss. Whenever you want, you can restore your data that backed up to any phone.

With the help of HTC Sync Manager, you do not need to do any more work. Actually it is quite easy.

Download and Install the Tool – HTC Sync Manager on your PC:

You can install HTC Sync Manager easily on your PC in just a few minutes and the operation process is quite simple, you do not need a special training to understand the whole operation process. You even can use HTC Sync Manager pretty well without much understanding of this software before.

  • 1. Find the Internet Web Browser icon on the desk of your computer, click it and go to the website: HTC Support Site.
  • 2. There you will find a green icon noted with “FREE DOWNLOAD”, click it to download HTC Sync Manager.
  • 3. Now you already get the installer of this software, just double left click it. Then follow the instruction that displayed in the windows until the whole installation process is completed.


Prepare to Backup Your HTC One Remix (HTC One Mini 2) Data to Your PC with the help of HTC Sync Manager:

The name of your back up files will be exactly the same with the phone name.

Step 1: Use your USB cable to let your HTC One Remix phone and computer connected, you do not need to launch your HTC Sync Manager. This software will be launched automatically in the default mode.

You can change the launch action of HTC Sync Manager as you want. When you are installing HTC Sync Manager, you can choose to tick the option: “Open HTC Sync Manger when a phone is connected”. Sometimes you may run into troubles and find that the computer did not detect the connection of your HTC though the phone is actually connected. In this situation, it is probably because that the debug mode of your HTC did not check. So you need to set it as requested.

Step 2: Find the home page on the displayed window of HTC Sync Manager. Below the home page, you will find the option of “Transfer & Backup” and click it. Then HTC Sync Manager will back up your data off your HTC One Mini 2 (HTC One Remix) to PC. With the backup completed, you can restore your data to any HTC phone you want.

Step 3: You may do not want to transfer all your data to PC. So chose the types of your data that you want to transfer to your PC. You will find the option: “Also back up the media content on my phone” below the Backup and Restore, then chose to tick it or not. Also there is a choice that if you want to automatically back up your phone whenever it connects. What’s more, password can be set to protect your personal data.

Step 4: With all the preparations done, click on the button “Back up now”. This is the last step of HTC One Mini 2 backup. Wait for a few minutes, the job will be done. The backup file is named the same with your HTC phone. You also can go to the option of managing to create a password for the backup file.


Restore Backup Files to your HTC One Mini 2 (HTC One Remix) from Computer Via HTC Sync Manager:

At the preamble of the passage, we share the method that back up your HTC phone to PC. Here we will discuss the most important part: restore your data back to your new HTC One Mini 2 or HTC One Remix without any change. HTC Sync Manager provided us an enjoyable user interface and we can do the restoration in just a few clicks. To make the process more understandable, we list all the screenshot of steps. And we will see how easily it will be with the help of HTC Sync Manager.

Step 1: Let your HTC One Mini 2 (HTC One Remix) connected with computer.
Use the USB cable to connect HTC One Mini 2 with computer. When the connection is established, HTC Sync Manager will launch automatically. Then follow the few steps to finish your restoration.

Step 2: Find the option: “Transfer & Backup” below the home page.
Remember the backup operation of HTC, the restoration is similar to it with just a little change. After you connect your HTC One Remix with computer, find the option: “Transfer & Backup” below the home page and click it. And some option will be there for you to choose just like:

Step 3: Find the option: “Restore” below “Backup & Restore”.
In just another two steps, the restoration will be finished and the data that you back up early will be restored.

Step 4: Choose the file that you backed up early to transfer to your new HTC.
You may back up several HTC phones and create several back up files. So there will be many back up files for you to select. There you can also select whether to replace the content that already existed in your new HTC One Mini 2 or not.

Step 5: At least one click to finish all your operation.
Then the whole restoration will start. The content that you back up early will restore in your new HTC One Remix. When the restoration finished, you need to decide whether to use the previous back up files to replace the old or not.


Use dr.fone to backup & restore your HTC One Mini 2 with just 1 step

Some people may feel method above still too many steps. And now we recommend you use a different software for alternating. This software is called – dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android). It provides functions that can transfer data between phone and phone or phone and computer. You do not need a two same brand phones. It supports data transferring from HTC to Nokia, iOS devices, Samsung and other phones. That means you can back up your data on a HTC phone and restore those data to any other phone at any time.

It is a very safe application to transfer HTC One Mini 2 or other phone data. The data that you restored will be exactly the same with your old phone. The content type that can be transferred included: Contacts, Videos, SMS Text Messages, Photo, Apps, Audio, and Call logs.

Get dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android)

Use dr.fone to backup and restore your personal data of your HTC One Remix:

Step 1: Open the dr.fone

When you finished the installation, find the icon of the software on your computer desktop and click it to run the software. Choose the option of “Backup & restore” mode on dr.fone. Click the button that noted “Backup” to start the program.

Step 2: let your HTC connected with your computer

Use your USB cable you connect your HTC One Mini 2 with PC. Then you need to select the files type that you want to back up. Click the button that noted “Backup&Restore”. Wait for the backup program finished.

Step 3: Restore your data to any other phone or HTC One Remix

At first, connect the phone to your computer, you need to find the phone that you want to restore your data to on the Homepage. On the operation window, select the “Restore” mode under “Backup&Restore” and choose the files that you want to restore to your new phone. After finishing those operate, what you need to do is just wait for the changes happen.

Get dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android)

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