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iMobile AnyTrans is one of the interesting tools for file management. 그것은 iOS 기기에서만 작동. AnyTrans 가능한 모든면에서 아이튠즈보다 훨씬 낫다. This tool allows you to copy media files of every type from your iOS device to the system. It even follows the other way round.

With AnyTrans, you can manage and create backups for your iOS device. AnyTrans manages the online storage by integrating with your iCloud account. This interesting tool allows you to download videos for offline use on your device from the web.

AnyTrans is not a replacement for iTunes in a true sense. 하나, it performs the decent task of file management just like iTunes does. In this AnyTrans review, you will learn everything you like to know about AnyTrans. Let’s start with some of its special features!

Unique characteristics of AnyTrans:

  • AnyTrans is not anything like iTunes.
  • This file manager comes with a clean interface.
  • With AnyTrans, users can manage or control files impressively, restore notes from iCloud.
  • It allows you to download videos directly on your device.
  • AnyTrans supports seven different languages.

현재, iMobie has just launched a new version of AnyTrans. The latest version comprises two unique features, which include Air Backup and iOS Mover. Using the former feature, users can back up their iOS devices wirelessly to avert data loss. 다른 한편으로는, the latter feature allows users to transfer content from their Android devices to iOS devices. This AnyTrans review is about the AnyTrans version 5.5.3. 그렇지만, the content stands still. 그래서, move further with AnyTrans review without further ado.

What do you mean by AnyTrans?

AnyTrans is an interesting tool for effectual file management. This tool works well with the complete array of iOS devices. This tool assists you in copying files from/to your iOS device. 그와 함께, AnyTrans manages the backup files of your mobile device. For easy and better management, AnyTrans integrates with the iCloud account.

With AnyTrans, users can copy media files from one device to the other. It even allows you to clone your files and settings from/to iOS devices just in a single tap. If you like to produce some new offline videos on your device, use AnyTrans for downloading videos from various popular sites such as Dailymotion, 유튜브, 기타.

Is AnyTrans really safe for use?

예, it is absolutely safe and secure to use from a malware and virus standpoint. One can download the latest version for AnyTrans from the official website of AnyTrans. It makes sure that you get the most secure and latest version of this application. This installed file get ahead of scans from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Microsoft Security Essentials without any concerns.

The other thing you need to know about AnyTrans is that you can access system files on it. These system-level files usually remain hidden. 그래서, there are chances that you can delete these files unknowingly. 그래서, if you know what you are doing while deleting files, there is nothing to worry about. 다른 한편으로는, you can even restore them via backup copies if made earlier using AnyTrans. Go on with the AnyTrans review.

Is AnyTrans available for free?

아니, and yes. AnyTrans offers a free trial mode, which allows users to examine this software without making a payment. Using this free mode, you can transfer files for a limited number of times. With AnyTrans, users can transfer files up to a maximum of 50 타임스. 그 후, the transferability will be suspended. For making it work again, you need to purchase the full program. You can restore the working order effectively by making a payment. To carry out this process, users need to put in the registration code sent on their emails.

What are the monthly plans from AnyTrans?

AnyTrans offers two main categories when it comes to purchasing. The first category is that of a personal license, where you need to pay a one-time payment of $39.99 for a single computer. The second category comprises a family license, where one can use this program for five computers at just $99.9 for lifetime use.

Both of these plans from AnyTrans come with lifetime updates. 하나, users get premium support for free in the family license. 그냥 경우, you would like to use AnyTrans for multi-computer or business purposes, AnyTrans offer larger licenses for that. 이리, you receive a volume concession, where you need to pay just $99.99 for ten computers. For unlimited computers, you have to make a purchase of $499.

Know more about AnyTrans

In the AnyTrans review, read about more aspects related to Anytrns. This file manager works for both Mac and PC. The navigation works similarly for both of these versions except a few interface differences. 지금, all you need to learn is how this application actually works.

Installation Process

최초에, you have to download the application from its official website. 그 후, you need to install the software. 일단 완료, 프로그램을 엽니 다, and from where, you will be prompted to connect your iOS device.

On connecting your iOS device to the system, the program will start to comprehend it. The animations at the back look amusing as compared to typical boring progress bars. After the complete initialization, you will arrive on the tab for Device Content. 이리, you will see several friendly shortcuts for carrying out the common tasks.

Special features of AnyTrans

AnyTrans provides users with some useful functions. The most useful out of all these functions are Add Content, Fast Drive, and Connect to PC. You are going to use these three features very often.

Add Content: Add Content is quite self-explanatory. This feature allows users to add files from the computer. 하나, you need to add them using a typicalFile Open” 상자. It could be frustrating for those who like to add numerous files to their device.

Fast Drive: The other featureFast Driveis really interesting. 이 기능을 사용, users can use the free space on their iOS devices as regular thumb drives. 이런 식으로, you can stock up files and then, copy these files on other devices. All you need to do is to install AnyTrans on both systems to access files properly.

Connect to PC: The featureConnect to PCis really simple and easy to use. It allows users to transfer the content from several libraries of the device to the system. This feature is really useful for moving videos and photos from the mobile device to the system. It makes it easier to use these files in several other programs.

There are other useful features like Content to Device, Clone Device, and Merge Device. These functions come handy when you upgrade to a new phone from your old iPhone/iPad. The featureContent to iTuneshelps you to copy files from your iOS device to the iTunes library. It is useful only when you like to update the library or bought something through the mobile device.

경우, you work with the files on your mobile device directly; you need to scroll down or tap on the right top button to enjoy more direct control. Most of these features work the same way as iTunes. This is the reason; you do not need to spend extra time to learn this new program. 이리, your media files are divided into average categories. 이런 식으로, users have access to voicemail files, 노트, 응용 프로그램, 달력, and contacts in a lot easier way.

On selecting any of these categories, the program will present you with a list of all pertinent data stored on your iOS device. 이 외에도, there are speedy shortcut buttons available on the top. These buttons result in making the functionality smoother.

The most dominant feature of AnyTrans is the sectionFile System”. This section enables users to access the root folders of their iOS devices directly. 보통, users are not allowed to see these hidden folders due to the risk of accidental loss. 그래서, be extra careful while accessing this system tab. 그렇지 않은 경우, you can easily damage some important files, where you will be enforced to restore the device from a backup. Although it is not much a problem to restore your device using a backup, it would not be possible without hassle. Just continue with this AnyTrans review.

What makes AnyTrans so special?

AnyTrans is a special tool due to various reasons. This file manager has a lot to offer. 지금, you will know about some special characteristics in great detail in this AnyTrans review. 그래서, have a look at these interesting features right below.

1. iTunes 보관함

This feature is really great for people who have added everything they need on the iTunes library. It makes it easier for users to manage the iTunes content on their iOS device. 이를 위해, you just need to select the file that you like to copy to your iOS device. 일단 선택, you just have to tap on the tabSend to Device”. 탭을 사용하여 “iTunes 보관함”, one can transfer bulk files at once in a more convenient and much faster way. This tab works better than the tabAdd Content”.

In order to sort files for quick access, you can copy the content to a different folder on your device or iTunes library. 운수 나쁘게, one cannot add files to the iTunes library using AnyTrans. It is quite a hassle to add files one by one using the featureAdd Content”. It is not a problem of AnyTrans but rather a limitation put on by iTunes. 걱정 마, you will get used to this cumbersome task in no time.

2. 아이튠즈 백업

The tab “아이튠즈 백업” allows you to look over the present backup files of all your iOS device including their content stored on the system. 이런 식으로, you are free to review all of your contacts, 메시지, 사진, and other things available on the backups. This feature comes handy when you need to locate a message or contact, which you got rid of a long time ago.

Using this impressive tab, you can go back to previous messages anytime anywhere. 다른 한편으로는, it is really easy to create backups in a single tap using AnyTrans. Just one click enables you to create a new backup in no time. 그 후, you can store the same in the list.

3. iCloud Integration

The featureiCloud Integrationworks great for people who are using the free 5GB storage space of iCloud. With the use of this tab, iOS users can easily download and upload the content to their iOS storage. In order to use the iCloud Drive, iOS devices need to be running on iOS version 8 or greater than that.

Once you log into your iCloud account, there will be shortcuts available to manage your iCloud account. 그들은 탭으로 사용이 바로 가기 동일한 레이아웃에있을 것입니다 “장치 내용”. 거기에서, 당신은 탭을 누릅니다 경우 “iCloud에 수출”, 프로그램은 전송하고자하는 파일의 종류의 선택을하도록 요청합니다.

예를 들면, 당신이 범주에 탭 경우 “사진”, 모든 사진이 성공적으로 잠시 후에 전송됩니다. 일단 완료, 당신은 탭을 클릭하여 내 보낸 파일을 볼 수있을 것이다 “서류” 다음에, “AnyTrans 폴더”. 그냥 AnyTrans 검토와 함께 읽어.

4. 동영상 다운

그것은 AnyTrans의 또 다른 인상적인 기능입니다. The tab “비디오 다운로드” 당신을 위해 몇 가지 놀라운 일을. 그 이름에서 알 수 있듯이, 비디오 다운 로더는 동영상을 다운로드하는 데 도움이. 이리, 프로그램은 다음 인터넷에서 동영상을 포착, 파일에 그 비디오를 켜. iOS 기기에이 생성 된 파일은 번거 로움없이 오프라인으로 볼 수 있습니다.

사용자는 자신의 디바이스에서 직접 시스템에이 파일을 다운로드하거나 수. 이를 위해, 당신도 AnyTrans에 URL의 종류를 붙여 넣기 할 필요가 없습니다. 이 프로그램은 적합 URL을 검색하려면 클립 보드를 찾습니다. 일단 완료, the program inserts that URL automatically for the users. 그러므로, it is definitely a great feature to try out.

5. Bonus features

The one characteristic that almost all users find appealing all around the world is its language support. 현재, AnyTrans is accessible in seven different languages. These seven languages include Arabic, 영어, 독일 사람, 일본어, 스페인 사람, 중국말, and French.

To offer an attractive look, AnyTrans maintains the file manager in the same color as that of your iOS. 지금과 같은, there are five skins available in total. But before using these attractive skins, you need to download them in the first place. 하나, the process of download and then, of conversion is quite an easy one.

Overall Experience of iMobile AnyTrans

In the AnyTrans review, read about the overall experience of AnyTrans. Have a look at its effectiveness, 가격, usability, and customer support in the following sections.


This tool is extremely effectual at controlling and managing files on mobile devices. It is the main purpose of AnyTrans. With AnyTrans, you can manage files on your iOS device effortlessly. The only problem is that users cannot add multiple files in one go. 하나, this feature does not even exist in the iTunes library.


The cost of iMobile AnyTrans is $39.99 for a license of one computer. Users need to consider this cost as iTunes is available for free. 경우, if you do not like iTunes at all, AnyTrans is a great application to go with. It offers the best solution in such a small amount. It serves economically well if you purchase the family license. And it is a great option for people who use more than one system. 하나, there are other programs available in the market for free. Try them out and then, choose a perfect file manager for your device.


AnyTrans is really simple and easy to operate. 하나, there is a small problem that users can face. For using this program, you need to keep your device unlocked all the time. 그래서, users may find this frustrating. 그렇지 않으면, you do not need any tech knowledge to use this application.

고객 지원

The customer support service on both the website and program is quite noteworthy. Users can make use of troubleshooting blogs available on its official site for convenience. 또한, there are helpful and clear instructions available on the app.

Best Alternatives to AnyTrans

After reading the AnyTrans review, if you did not like the application much, go with alternatives. There are various file managers available on the internet. Some of the best alternatives to AnyTrans are listed right below.


MediaMonkey is one of the best alternatives to AnyTrans. It is a bit comprehensive tool than AnyTrans. MediaMonkey is not strictly a device management tool but more of the library management one. 다른 한편으로는, it is really challenging to use this program as compared to AnyTrans. 그 “금” version is available for $24.95 for the present version while $49.95 for future updates.


It is another tool from iMobile. PodTrans work for both Mac and Windows PC. This program replaces the iTunes feature for transferring music files. PodTrans do not require the installation of iTunes for proper functioning. If you do not want to use iTunes ever, this is the right option for you. The plus point is that this program is available for free.


Swinsian is another best alternative to AnyTrans. This program costs you around $19.95. Swinsian works exactly the same as iTunes before the Apple Company crammed it with more than 50,000 feature and annoying advertisements. It is a decent application with not much features. 하나, it manages the media library really well while keep syncing the files to your mobile devices.

Conclusion on AnyTrans Review

iMobie AnyTrans Mac 또는 윈도우 PC 사용자를위한 성능과 단순성의 좋은 조합이다. 그것은 미디어 파일을 동기화 할 iTunes를 좋아하지 않는 사용자를위한 훌륭한 프로그램입니다. AnyTrans는 장치에없는 많은 공간을 차지 가벼운 응용 프로그램입니다. 이 인상적인 응용 프로그램을 사용하기 정말 쉽고 간단합니다. 사무용 겉옷, AnyTrans 파일 관리를위한 좋은 옵션을합니다. The only thing that you need to bear is the slow transferring speed. AnyTrans는이 요소에 작업해야. 아마도, 최신 iOS 기기에서이 문제에 직면하지 않을.

희망, 이 AnyTrans review will help you in deciding whether to go for AnyTrans or not. We suggest users try out its free version before actually going with the premium one. You can examine all the features in its trial, 그리고, make up your mind accordingly.

또한, 방법에 대한 자세한 내용은 Export iMessages to PDF 용이하게.

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