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最佳 8 After Effects的替代品適用於Mac / Windows的


Editing your photographs and videos is an important part of making them perfect, and it takes a lot of work too. For this post-process, a lot of professionals quickly choose to use Adobe After Effects although there are various reasons to avoid it. If you’re one of those who would rather use an After Effects alternative, 那麼你來對地方了.

Adobe products are expensive and sure; they’re rightfully so. 然而, 這意味著,任何人誰做攝影作為一種愛好最有可能將無法使用任何Adobe的工具. 這包括After Effects和Photoshop和對價格的頂部, Adobe程序是不容易的使用. 這需要很長的時間來弄清楚這裡的一切,以及如何使用不同的功能. 一些替代品要簡單得多,可以使拍攝的視頻和照片更愉快的體驗.

PS: 您還可以了解如何 修剪視頻在線 並嘗試最好 MKV刀具.

Wondershare的FilmoraPro – #1 After Effects的替代品

在我們列表的頂部是Wondershare的FilmoraPro, 一塊神奇的軟件,對於任何有抱負的視頻編輯器. 有了這個工具, 你的所有功能,之後在你的指尖影響, 沒有高得離譜的價格標籤或複雜性. 它易於使用, 包括許多有用的功能, 並提供一個輕鬆的編輯體驗.

您可以編輯360度的視頻沒有任何問題, 銳化圖像, 調整照明, 和幾乎其他任何你能想到的! You can even add animated intros and outros to spruce things up. For the beginners, you may also try Filmora9.

Key Features of Wondershare FilmoraPro

  • 過度 50 video effects for video editing
  • Has plenty of built-in tools to create professional quality videos
  • Combine multiple videos smoothly
  • A free version of FilmoraPro is available to try before you buy!
  • A friendly option for beginners looking to start editing

Get FilmoraPro

Wax Video Editor – #2 After Effects的替代品

Another great After Effects alternative is the Wax video editor. 只有Windows用戶可以使用該程序, 他們有兩個選擇當這樣做 - 單獨或作為索尼拉斯維加斯的一部分使用蠟. 不幸, 沒有使用蠟Mac或Linux的支持.

作為一個免費的視頻編輯器, 蠟為任何類型的編輯器的一個很棒的選擇. 它包括各種過濾器和編輯功能, 你可以通過使用DirectX和VirtualDub的插件也增加更多的功能! 有一件事值得一提的這個方案是,它使用您的計算機的顯卡處理您的視頻. 這意味著更好的GPU, 更快的視頻渲染編輯後.


  • 允許您添加2D和3D視頻效果
  • 用戶可以使用蠟作為一個單獨的程序或索尼拉斯維加斯插件
  • 添加3D文字和粒子覆蓋您的影片
  • 採用圖形卡,而不是處理的CPU

Hitfilm臨 – #3 After Effects的替代品

有了這個夢幻般的軟件, 你可以享受的Adobe After Effects中所提供的,而不過分複雜度的專業功能範圍. 雖然你對你的傑作,, 您可以使用預覽面板中看到它的樣子, 因此,讓您在不做出重新呈現輕微調整.

使用Hitfilm讓你訪問到多達 800 這將不辜負視頻效果, 而這會打動觀眾. 無論你的影片是, 這是會完成這項工作的編輯器.


  • 過度 800 視頻效果和可用的預設
  • 支持多種視頻和音頻格式 (從任何設備進口影片!)
  • Has a professional feel but is simple to use

Autodesk Smoke – #4 After Effects的替代品

首先, the price of Autodesk Smoke screams stay away. But if you can afford the $1,500 per year in exchange for a professional video editing tool, this is the right one for you.

Autodesk Smoke is one of the After Effects Alternative programs that is more advanced, although there are plenty of guides online to get you started. In a short amount of time, you’ll be able to create incredible videos that’ll impress all your friends!

Key Features of Autodesk Smoke

  • 昂貴,但有一個30天的免費試用,讓您可以在購買之前體驗一下
  • 在考慮專業的視頻編輯開發
  • 包括所有你永遠需要的功能 (作為一個初學者或作為一個專業)
  • 學生可以訪問歐特克煙霧免費!
  • 基於時間線編輯平台

蘋果運動 – #5 After Effects的替代品

如果你正在尋找的東西簡單, 然後採取在蘋果運動甘德. 雖然有在節目中與該節目不是很多先進的功能, it’s a great starting point if you want to start learning.

As an After Effects alternative you can expect features such as adding 3D text, drag-and-drop effects, and a library of over 200 filters to add a little extra to your work. You can easily combine multiple videos into one or do basic edits – as straightforward as they get!

Key Features of Apple Motion

  • Suitable for beginners who don’t have much video editing experience
  • 編輯後, your video doesn’t need to render (real-time production)
  • 拖動和放置效果使編輯容易

Eyeon融合 – #6 After Effects的替代品

接下來的這個替代的影響後,可用於Windows和Linux用戶, ,不支持Mac. 有些人認為影響之後是視頻編輯太複雜,在這種情況下,, Eyeon融合可能不是更好. 它有很多強大的功能提供,但沒有任何容易比影響是後使用.

誰擁有視頻的皮帶下編輯的基礎知識的用戶可以直接跳轉至Eyeon融合. 它適用於創建虛擬現實視頻, supports camera tracking and planar tracking, and utilizes your computer’s graphics card too.

Key Features of Eyeon Fusion

  • Supports camera tracking for creating professional videos
  • Videos process using your graphics card allowing for incredibly fast rendering
  • Included delta keyer and clean plate features
  • Can be used to create 3D and virtual reality videos
  • Has all of the tools you’ll ever need to become a professional

Blender – #7 After Effects的替代品

Another free and very simple video editor is Blender. This is one of the few programs that are open-source, with plenty of add-ons available.

Not only can you use Blender for video editing, but you can create animations, interactive animations, 以及更多. Not to mention it enables you to add particles and filters to your videos too. While simple, this is the best After Effects alternative to start with that lets you grow as an editor.

Key Features of Blender

  • Great starting editor for beginners
  • Creates graphics, animations, 3D videos, 和更多
  • Supports texturing, particles, and UV unwrapping
  • Includes all of the essential video editing tools for beginners, and a few other advanced features too

Natron – #8 After Effects的替代品

Last on the list is Natron, a powerful video editing tool which like Blender, is open source. 乍一看, the user interface can look cluttered, but you can customize the layout with ease. After you have the interface layout perfect you can start editing your videos with a wide range of editing features.

One of the best parts of Natron as an After Effects alternative is the community plugins. Since this is an open source program, anyone can create plugins for it. That means that if the editor doesn’t already have a feature you need, there’s likely a plugin somewhere that’ll do what you want.

Key Features of Natron

  • Uses the computer’s graphics card for a quick rendering
  • There is a plugin marketplace for community plugins
  • Available on Windows, 蘋果電腦, and Linux computers
  • Provides object tracking and rotoscoping capabilities

To Conclude for the After Effects alternatives

不要讓類似的Adobe應用程序的複雜性影響勸阻視頻編輯的努力之後! 隨著的一個 After Effects的替代品 上面可以做小編輯您的錄音, 享受專業功能, 追求視頻編輯作為一種業餘愛好或提升你的職業. 從這個列表, 我們推薦 Wondershare的FilmoraPro 要么 Filmora9 這是初學者, 但無論你決定, 他們都提供了一流的經驗.

也, 結識最好 三星視頻編輯器 作為 視頻木匠應用 這裡.



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