Songs to Android: 4 Ways to Transfer Music to Android Device

Android device provides its users with the ultimate authorities. It has changed the smartphone market with its customized feature as well as advancing technology. Enjoying music on the Android device is quite convenient, you have multiple ways to get the music to your Android device, unlike iPhone users. So here comes the problem. How to get your wanted music files from your computer to your Android device with ease? Be patient, this article is all about transferring music files to your Android device. We will show you several helpful solutions next.

Solution 1. Transfer music to Android device with a USB cable.

This solution only requires a simple USB cable. You just have to make sure there is enough space on your device. If not, you can try to expand the memory space with the SD card. Both Windows and Mac users can adopt this method.

Step 1. Connect your Android device to the computer with a USB cable. It is highly suggested using the original cable that comes with your Android device.

Step 2. Confirm the connection by hitting Mount option on the screen.

Step 3. Once connected successfully, you can find your device showing on the screen. Tap to open the device and go to the file you want to transfer.

Transfer Music to Android
Step 4. Copy the music folder to your computer. The transfer time depends on the size of the music files.

Transfer Music to Android from Mac
Step 5. Disconnect your device when the transfer process is over. (For Mac users, go to the Finder and click Eject. )

The whole transfer processes on Mac and Windows version are quite the same.

Solution 2. Transfer music to Android device with dr.fone – Transfer.

You may find it convenient to transfer files with just a USB cable, but there are some shortcomings you cannot oversee. The most basic of all, what if you don’t have a USB cable at hand? Then you are not able to transfer your wanted files in time. Or let’s say many music files you put on your Android device are incompatible with your Android device. Even you have gotten the transferred to your phone, you are not able to enjoy them right away. To avoid these awkward situations, a professional tool like dr.fone – Transfer is a recommended choice for you.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

This program supports both Windows and Mac. You are allowed to transfer various kinds of files including music files easily to your Android device. You are also allowed to convert the incompatible music files with this program. Almost all Android devices such as HTC and Samsung are supported.

Step 1.Connect your Android device to the computer.

After downloading and installation of dr.fone, you have to connect your device to your computer. You have two ways to link the two parts: WiFi connection or traditional USB connection. The program will recognize your device in a short while.

Step 2. Get the music files transferred to Android device.

When you see your Android device appearing on the main interface, click Music on the left side. Click the option Add to get the music imported to the program. Some incompatible music can also be converted for you.

Solution 3. Sync music files with your Android device via iMusic.

iMusic is one professional management tool that enables users to Share, Manage & Restore Your iTunes Music & Videos freely. With it, you can sync all videos, music, even playlists from iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes library, or backup them from iOS to computer. The program is compatible with the updated iOS 12, iTunes 12.3, and support latest iPhone XR & iPhone XS (Max). So how to transfer the music files to your Android device with iMusic exactly?

Step 1. Get iMusic downloaded and installed. You can choose between Windows and Mac version.

Download iMusic

Step 2. Connect your Android to computer. When the program recognizes your Android device, you will see the Android contents by clicking the option of “DEVICE”. Then you can transfer any media to Android from iTunes or PC in the media management window.

A. Transfer music to Android from iTunes

Click the button of “iTunes Library” -> “Music” to show all your iTunes music files. Then select songs you wish to transfer. Right-click them and tick “Add to” -> “Android device” to start music transferring. You can know more details via the below video tutorial.

B. Transfer music to Android from PC
Here you just need to click the button of “DEVICE” -> “Music” -> “Add” -> “Add File” or “Add Folder”. Then select the music files you want to export from your computer. You can know more details via below video tutorial.

Solution 4. Transfer music to Android device from Other Phone/Tablet with dr.fone – Switch.

New technique has made the transferring process between devices easier than ever. Just one click, all the things could be done within seconds. dr.fone – Switch is what makes this great vision come true. You are able to get files transferred between two devices. Files like Music, contacts, call logs video calendars, etc. are all able to be transferred. What’s more, over 3000 phones are supported and there is no risk at all. Now let’s go through the process altogether.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Step 1. Connect your Android device to the computer with a USB cable. Then run dr.fone on your computer and hit the button “Switch“. The program fully supports Android, iOS and WIndows Phone operating system. So all platform users can use this program freely.

iPhone to Android Music transfer
Step 2. Start to sync the music files with the Android device.
All the files such as music, contacts, messages and more will be shown in the middle of the program. Just check the files you want to transfer and continue.

Sync Music from iPhone to Android Phone After we give a brief introduction of the four useful tools in the instruction above, do you have some ideas about how to transfer music files to your Android device now? dr.fone – Transfer, iMusic, dr.fone – Switch are all reliable third-party tools to replace simple USB transferring. They can help you manage the data on your device with ease. All the apps support both Windows and Mac version. So you can go ahead and give them a try.


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